Can you study Geography & History?

Can you study Geography & History?

This is one of the most common questions that teachers get asked at school. The best way to approach this question is by carefully reflecting on what you want to do. If you have a conflict between one or the other, why is that?

How do I decide?

The best way to decide, whether, between these two subjects or any other for the matter, you need to think about what you want. Get a piece of paper and divide the page into two (see below). Add the subtitles ‘What I most enjoy about the subject’ and ‘What are my concerns about the subject’. Underneath, bullet point or list as many points as you can in both columns. When you have completed it for the first subject, create a new table for the other subject and complete the table again.

Make a copy of this table and complete it for yourself

Filtering your options

Now, you should have two tables completed. Whichever has the most listed in the ‘enjoyable’ section should be the subject you choose as your top option. If you find that they are the same for both, use the process again against other subjects. Depending on the number of options available for you to study at your school you should ideally complete this table for all of them. Remember, you only need to do this once, as you only get one shot at your GCSE’s! This process will help you to choose your top subjects rationally and quickly.

Get targeted advice

After you have narrowed down your options, take the time to ask some questions from the ‘what are my concerns about the subject’ by talking to your form tutor, teachers and lastly any students who are in the year above you or have studied the subject before. Seek their advice as they will be able to give you much better and focused information than the peers in your year group. When you do this, you may find that some of the concerns might be alleviated and now you can cross this off the list!


If you are a keen and motivated student, we would recommend you study both subjects at GCSE. They are complimentary to each other, and from a Geographical perspective, it can be useful to know what has happened in the past and how it has influenced the world that we live in today. The crossover between the subjects will add depth to your knowledge and give you greater confidence in topics you will cover.

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